Can Concussions Cause Psychiatric Problems?

I have recently came across an article or two on the internet about how concussions can lead to personality disorders. I have started doing research on this because I am a die heart fan of sports, and realize that some athletes who plays or played football, wrestling or any other physical contact sports are prone to concussions. In the article(s), it said when a person had suffered from a concussion, it caused the brain to swell and to bleed. The bleeding of the brain release iron from hemoglobin, which is called Fenton Reaction, and hydroxyl radicals are entered in the system. I found this to be interesting, since I have started to notice the behavior changes in athletes, one such as Brett Farve, who was accused of sending solicited pictures to one of the massage girls from the Minnesota Vikings faculty team. How does Brett Farve explain this to his wife, Deanna? Another athlete who did something deviant was a Florida Gator player by the name of Chris Rainey, who was charged with stalking one of his ex-girlfriends or a person he used to date. Ben Roethlisberger, who is a professional NFL player, was accussed of raping two women during his NFL career. He has been suspended for four games because of his misconduct behavior. I have also noticed strange behavior in wrestlers when I watched wrestling as a teenager. Such wrestlers as the Big Show, Triple H, Bubba, Edge, and many others, would treat women in a creepy way. Some would grab women in a disrespectful manner, show up in front of the women locker room waiting for them to come out, say perverted things, and other miscellaneous acts. These athletes were known to be really good guys and no one thought they would do such deviant things. In my opinion, I feel concussions can be associated with personality changes or disorders. I think the hormones that cause emotions such as dopamine, vasopressin, serotonin, and other hormones were offset in the brain when that person was striked in the head through physical contact. If these athletes or anyone who had suffered a lot of concussions in his or her lifetime have not had numerous head injuries or concussions, I believe these people would not come across these situations they put themselves into. It is just my opinion. What do you think? To learn more about this, go here:
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