Need Extra Income

As everyone knows, the economy in the United States has not been doing good for several years. The unemployment in America is continuing to rise. A lot of people are getting their homes, cars, and other assets, foreclosed. I have known some people, such as my friends, who have tried to purchase internet home business kits, signed up for affliate companies to sell their products in order to make profits. They realized that they have all been scams, including myself. I have tried the home business kits from someone I will not mention, he is definitely a scam artist. I have purchased a product to sell for Ewen Chia, which was called Autopilot Profit System. Ewen Chia’s product is a legit business, but it takes a really long time to make any sells from his system. I tried and tried, but I have not had any success with the internet business. Until one day, I have sign up for companies, who are looking for participants to do surveys or read emails for pay. It is not much money, but it is better than nothing. In the long run, a person can make a reasonable amount, if he or she puts in the time and effort. I am not going to give up on trying to make money online. I am not a quitter. There were things in the past that I wanted to give up, because it seem impossible to achieve the goal that I wanted to accomplish. I am glad that I did not, because I have a college degree, and other awards, because I stayed optimisitic. One day I will obtain success and make a lot of money online, and I hope you will to. I wish everyone success, because I know the economy recession has not been easy on anyone. Here is a couple of links that you can sign up to take surveys or read emails for pay that I had mention earlier in my blog:, this is for the Vindale company, who pays you to take surveys., is for a site that pays you to read emails. I hope this helps anyone who tries this.
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  1. qoollad says:

    I am not really into car rims, sorry.

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